#TBT Wittnauer 8025 Automatic - A Rare 60's 24-Hour WatchIt had been no less than a couple of years ago while on an evening which i found myself cruising the net. Used to the normal thing: news, watch sites, eBay, and several dealer sites. During the time, Menta Watches, a watch dealer, was just beginning, nevertheless they had already begun featuring some neat replica watches. Amongst all of the chronographs and Rolexes, it turned out an odd, and admittedly plain, watch that caught my eye. Although I had been late to your party along with the watch had been on hold, the Wittnauer 8025 had left an impression rolex imitation .When i spied the Wittnauer 8025, I had created just go of buying a good example of on the list of brand's fantastic chronographs, the 242T. This led me down a path of looking at the brand's history. I will be honest; there was a great deal of "nice" looking replica watches, though the majority were typical 40's and 50's dress replica watches of small diameter . Then, I looked into military-style replica watches from the brand and found some really compelling white/silver-dialed replica watches from those self same decades with robust little cases and 24-hour dials. But…the replica watches were small. 34mm was some of the largest and 32mm was more typical. I stumbled upon some cute 60's divers or even a dual-crown Super Compressor, but that involved all - until I saw that ad on Menta. I think it appeared taking nearly 1 . 5 years until another Wittnauer 8025 appeared which who's was on eBay. The watch was advertised together that stopped and commenced and it also definitely needed a brand new crystal. Many of its bulbous lume pips - which ape those located on the Wittnauer 242T - were advertised as partially gone, nevertheless the case, dial, and hands looked good. The seller accepted an ideal offer and that i retrieved the watch earlier. It ran well, however the watch stopped running because of a slightly bent hand. Following some time in service, the watch returned for very happy to declare that it's a real looker.The Wittnauer 8025 is really a not hard watch, but it's distinctive. It sports a 36mm stainless case that has a slim domed acrylic crystal. Its dial, go on appears to be a straightforward back affair that's jazzed track of some military-esque white numerals all day 1-12 inside those plots and corresponding 13-24 externally. White hash marks help separate those numbers. Tilt the watch slightly, though, plus some subtle magic begins considering that the Wittnauer folks made a decision to work with a matte surface for that central portion of the dial and gloss black around its circumference. It is just a wonderful detail that adds a lot to the watch.Other cool details abound around the Wittnauer 8025 for example some truly small white lumed hands. The minutes hand, oddly enough, doesn't extend up to the hash marks, but the look works primarily because both your hands match the font color.Moving on, the Wittnauer has a signed "W" crown and also a screw-down case back. And lastly, to accomplish anyone's wish list, 18mm straps can be fitted because of drilled lugholes.As noted on the dial in the Wittnauer 8025, this watch contains a computerized movement. The watch movement is signed because the C11KAS, and this is the Record 1955/Longines 501. Its content has 17 jewels, may be handwound, and beats with a leisurely 19,800 bph. By 1950, Longines owned Wittnauer, therefore, the movement usage makes some replica rolex watches.   This indicates as a good runner that was thankfully easy to service.From your wearing perspective, the long lugs of the Wittnauer 8025 makes watch wear newer than 36mm suggests. However, its slender 9mm thickness allows to make use of within cuff and, according to the strap employed, provides it with a dressier profile. Being a simple no date monochrome piece, this watch even competes as a more affordable Rolex Explorer 1016.And back in the Longines link, could there be one? Well, we're glad you asked since the Longines Swiss Air from the 1950's certainly bears more than a passing resemblance on the Wittnauer (the photo above arises from Swiss seller Davide Parmegiani); including the font is practically the exact same.An optimistic concerning the Wittnauer 8025 can it be won't cost hundreds of thousands of Euros to possess including the Longines. Examples typically exchange $1,000 - 1,500 range and I'd state that makes this watch a significant bargain. Black-dialed, military-like replica watches because of this era are merely rare plus the Wittnauer isn't a exception. They are offered up rarely and i have only come across a number in doing my time of collecting. So, wait and see, and hopefully you'll be rewarded with the affordable addition.Even as always want to indicate watches , just if you think often used everything, you can another watch on the market to spark your interest. To me, the Wittnauer 8025 was one piece. I can tell this getting a great deal of wrist in time the future. rolex replica submariner iwc replica watches
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